Package of Resources to Aid 
Child-related Interventions
Over several decades, millions of children all across the globe have had to migrate across borders or have been forcibly displaced due to war, famine, trafficking, migration, etc. Children are especially susceptible to violence, abuse and exploitation. Gender norms and lack of education also impacts their physical and mental wellbeing. Children on the move are also susceptible to diseases caused by under and malnutrition. Given the current COVID situation, children on the move are even more exposed to dangerous realities of nature and humankind. In such times it is important to ensure that information around prevention of COVID, services available for children on the move as well as the protective systems in place to support them are disseminated far and wide for engagement and awareness across stakeholders who are directly or indirectly in contact with the children. This package is being created to help engage and facilitate dissemination of information and raise awareness around COVID, services and protective systems for children on the move in the context of India. The package consists of materials in Hindi and English. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PACKAGE