Package of Resources to Aid 
Child-related Interventions
This site is a handy resource pack for adolescents and young people to access many useful COVID-19-related resources in English and Hindi. While this is an uncertain time, we as youth can do many things to keep ourselves safe and stress-free while also enhancing our knowledge and spreading awareness (but maintaining social distancing of course :D). A lot of resources have already been developed by many organizations for COVID-19 in a short span of time including posters, audio video films, TV and radio spots, newspaper ads, comic books, story books, informatory notes, hoardings, banners etc. These are available on the site and more resources are constantly being added. You will find COVID-specific resources to build your knowledge and provide ways of engaging with the community. You will also find COVID-sensitive resources to help you with psychosocial support and ways of combating stigma and discrimination. Please engage with UNICEF through the U-Report and Voices of Youth portals in the 'What do you want to say' tab. Fighting COVID also includes quality time for relaxation (extremely important) so head to the Chill section for some fun video links! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PACKAGE